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You will be able to document certain standards and design criteria that will be used to solve line design calculations. This documentation will give your utility one source to document design criteria identified from past utility decisions, code and any local government requirements. Your utility can also select National Electrical Safety Code clearance and strength factors that are beyond minimum requirements. You will have the option to change any criteria before performing a line design calculation. The following list identifies information in the Standards and Design Criteria page.

System Design

Loading Zone

System Voltage (select up to three system voltage)

Design Tolerance

Cold Temperature for Uplift Analysis

Maximum Operating Temperature

Uniform Ice Thickness

Extreme Wind

Load Factors (Grade B, Grade C Crossing, Grade C Elsewhere)

Strength Factors (Grade B, Grade C)

Insulator Line Post Cantilever Strength

Aeolian Vibration (Low, Medium and High Probability Limits)

Allowable Voltage Drop

Pole Information

Minimum Pole Length

Maximum Pole Length

Highest Pole Class

Lowest Pole Class

Pole Species

Overhead and Underground Conductor

Primary and Neutral Conductor Type (Select seven from a list of eighteen ACSR conductor sizes)

Multiplex Conductor Type (Select ten from a list of fouteen multiplex conductor sizes)

Underground Primary Cable (Select five from a list of thrity-eight cables sizes)

Underground Secondary Cable (Select five from a list of fourteen cables sizes)


Vertical Clearance Over Ten Obstacle Types

Horizontal Clearance Along Four Obstacle Types

Assemblies and Guying

Pole Top Assemblies (Identify twenty-one utility defined pole top assemblies)

Guy Assemblies (Identify up to twenty guy and guy wire variations)

Minimum Guy Lead Distance


Energy Charge

Demand Charge

Interest Rate


Rate Tax and Insurance Factor

Carrying Charge Rate

System Losses Caused from Distribution Transformers

Transformer Losses and Purchase Cost (Up to thirteen transformer sizes)