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Utility Line Design was developed by two professional engineers having over 65-years experience in the design, operation and inspection of overhead and underground distribution power lines.The website’s purpose is to provide a centralized source for all levels of engineering personnel to access a wide variety of useful engineering calculations to help meet National Electrical Safety Code and local requirements.The content eliminates the need to search for formulas in reference books and potential errors caused from mathematical mistakes.Because the calculations are easy to access, utility employees can perform complex calculations in a matter of seconds.With Utility Line Design’s website, utility personnel will have access and learn to use interactive sag and tension calculations, identify clearances based on high operating temperature, maximum spans based on conductor separation, conductor blowout, transformer and secondary sizing, fault current calculations, and minimum guy leads for deadend, double-deadend, bisector and tap structures.

Utility Line Design offers an all-in-one interactive web-based line design tool for electric distribution utilities.Line designers can now perform complex engineering calculations to meet National Electrical Safety Code and unique design requirements defined by the electric utility.Our streamlined interactive calculations will enable line designers to make professional design decisions instead of rule of thumb and experience decisions.Our list of interactive calculations eliminates the need to perform complex mathematical computations. Click the Calculation List to review the current line design calculations. All calculations are based on utility defined Standards and Design Criteria.

Utility Line Design also offers 15 Professional Development Hours of on-line line design training. Participants can select between Light, Medium and Heavy Loading Zones and will have 30-days to complete the 15-hour course. The course includes examples of 50 problems ranging from conversions, transformer sizing, secondary sizing, ground clearance, conductor clearance, pole strength, surveying and guying. Each problem includes a narrative, step-by-step mathematical procedure, solving the problem using Utility Line Design interactive software, and performing several “what if” scenarios. Each participant will work with pre-defined Standards and Design Criteria and will have an opportunity to work with interactive sag and tension calculations.

Users will have unlimited access to all interactive line design calculations. In addition, users will be able to save calculations by work order number for future reference and line design documentation. Upgrades are free and will be based on National Electrical Safety Code revisions and client feedback.

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